About us

SkyTel OÜ (registration number 12926323 / VAT: EE101851077)
Legal address: Lasnamäe 18, Tallinn, 11416, Estonia

SkyTel OÜ is based in the Republic of Estonia in 2015.

We provide high-quality telecommunication services around the world with CallerID  presentation. High-quality services are achieved through the use of modern solutions from famous brands and direct interconnections with national operators and tier 1 operators.

  • High-quality telecommunication services with CallerID presentation
  • Payment per second
  • Fax support (T.38 and G.711 pass-through)
  • Free iNum numbers (code +8835100)
  • Estonian national numbers (+372) with the possibility of transferring the number of the Republic of Estonia to our network
  • Virtual numbers DID (the Republic of Estonia, Russia - St. Petersburg and Moscow)
  • Virtual PBX (IP Centrex)
  • Calls via access numbers
  • SSL/TLS support for calls
  • Customer Protection - Anti-Fraud Systems for our Customers
  • Remote server administrator
  • Construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks (Russia - St. Petersburg and Estonia - Tallinn)
  • Setting up and consulting on the installation of an IP-PBX (Asterisk and FreeSWITCH) and other telephone equipment
  • GSM mobile communication services (we are an operator of the MVNO)

The group of companies includes the following legal entities: