Terms of Service for legal entities

Terms and Conditions

These Terms shall govern the interaction between the Client and SkyTel OÜ (hereinafter the Company).

The Customer undertakes to intentionally disrupt operation Equipment Company.

It is forbidden to any reprinting and dissemination of information this site, as well as with other information assets.
You may not distribute price lists of the Company, the Company received from the Client in the normal course of business.

The company guarantees that no personal data of the Customer, received during registration and received in the course of further work, will not be disclosed to third parties except with the legal requirements of law enforcement agencies, and the Company undertakes to inform the Client that such data were provided, but would not disclose the cause of the Client to provide information, because . This may be contrary to the law.
At the same time, the Company may use this information for their own purposes, for advertising campaigns and to inform customers of any changes that the Company considers necessary to warn the Client.
< br /> start using the service means that the client has read and agree with all points of these rules.

service Customer warrants that the Companys services are not used to to violate the law.
The Customer warrants that it is not pursuing any unlawful action in case of use of the service in violation of the law, take all steps within its power to the immediate elimination of these violations, and immediately notify the Company of such breach.

The Customer undertakes to monitor its network and security equipment, and ensure that it will not have any claims to the Company in case of use of its networks and equipment by third parties to the detriment of the Client. Customer agrees to pay any damages caused to the Companys actions by third parties, which led to a breach of the security of its own network and equipment (hacking Client), if the company proves that such damage was caused by the actions of the client.

The company claims that in case of reasonable suspicion of hacking Client systems, in order to prevent possible damage or excessive load on the equipment of the Company may, but is not obligated, to suspend the provision of services to the Client to remedy the situation with the mandatory notification of the Client about the fact of the suspension of services and their suspicions with a brief justification. < br />
The client agrees not to contest or demand the return of the amounts written off from the personal account of the Client as a result of the above actions.

The services are provided on a prepaid basis. Access to the companys services are not available in the loan.

The Client guarantees that it will make an initial payment of not less than 100 (one hundred) USD.

Customer payments are credited to the personal account minus the fees charged by the payment systems, in the case of SHA bank payment - the amount actually received in the current account.

The Customer undertakes not to allow the formation of the debt which may arise by reason of the operation of the billing system when making simultaneous calls and also ensures that such debt will be repaid within three working days from the date of its occurrence.

The Company accounts receivable in the billing data bases of the system, which performs accounting and billing services provided to the customer, withdraw funds from the customers personal account, storing information about the prepayment and other paying customers, the formation of statistical data and other information necessary for the operation of the Company.

Prices of the Company are presented in US dollars (USD) per minute.
Billing is made of one-second intervals from the first second.
The company may charge a fee for the connection, if it is provided rate.

The Company may at any time change the rates by notifying the Client within 7 (seven) calendar days.
The Company may at any time change any of the Terms of service, these rules introduce a license fee or cancel it, introduce new tariff plans and change the pricing principle and introduce a fee for connection to transfer the Customer to this tariff plan by notifying the Client within 7 (seven) calendar days.

In the event of disagreement, the Customer shall notify the Company of termination of services of the Company and which has a right to return the advance payment on the conditions produced, published below.

The client has the right at any time to request and receive information from the Company electronically on the applicable tariffs, as well as made by the Customer chargeable calls.
The requested information may not be older than two (2) months at the time of receipt by the Company of such a request.
Access to this information is free of charge.

In case of disagreement with billing, customer is obliged to provide the Company with all available information (logs, debugging information, the CDR), proving incorrect billing, no later than one (1) month after the discovery of the improper billing. If the validity of the Customers requirements, the Customer has the right to require the Company to refund debited from the account due to incorrect billing proven fact.
The company checks the facts given by the Customer within 1 (one) month.
With For its part, the Company undertakes to make every effort to incorrect charging did not occur.
billing is considered to be correct in all cases, the response of subscriber equipment, including autoresponders, Russian AONov, fax machines and modems, even if the client hardware does not support this type of connection and in the case of a unilateral or bilateral absence of earshot in case of problems with codecs or customer equipment (the use of terminator unsupported codec Client, and connection types).

The Company may at any time unilaterally suspend the provision of services in case of violation of these rules by the Client. In this case, the client has the right to require the return of unspent funds, net of commissions on funds transfer to the Customer with deduction of 10% of the refund for lost earnings of the Company.

The company has the right to immediately suspend the provision of services in case of exhaustion of prepay Clients personal account.

If the client does not use the Companys services to more than ninety (90) calendar days and the amount of the personal account of the Customer is not in excess of 500 (five hundred) USD, the Company is entitled to block the account of the Customer with deduction of the license fee in the amount of 10 (ten) USD per month in which the client did not use the services of the Company to the exhaustion of funds in the personal account of the Client. After the exhaustion of funds on the Clients personal account, personal account is deleted and restore it only through a new registration of the client.
The personal account of the Client on which the prepayment exceeding 500 (five hundred) USD, is not blocked and the license fee from the Client no fee.

in the event of declaration of the termination of use of the services by the Client, the Client has the right to require the return of unspent funds from the account for a period of 30 days from the date of submission of such claims, net of commission for transfer of funds to the Client as well as the retention of 15 (fifteen US dollars) USD for each month in which the Customer has not used the services of the Company except for the last month in which a request is made.

in the case of application for termination of service use the Company for any reason, the Customer must return the hardware and software obtained from the Company in the course of activities related to the provision of services to the Client Company, granted by the Company without payment or credit. If the condition of the equipment does not allow to use it later (including in consequence of unsatisfactory appearance, making any modifications, including changing the firmware, etc.), the Company is entitled to demand payment of 100% (or 100% of the remaining debt in the event of hardware or software in the credit) equipment in three days. When you return the equipment or software, the Customer has no right to demand the return of the paid part of the loan for the equipment or software in the company. In this case, paid part of the loan is treated as rent

The client has the right to demand from the Companys transparent transmission of the caller number (CallerID), if such a number satisfies the following conditions:.

  • Number length exceeds 8 digits
  • There is no (use the existing code of the country and its corresponding number length)
  • Number transferred to E.164
  • format

The Client shall not be entitled to claim any compensation if the called party does not pass the CallerID, but has the right to draw this to the attention of the Company and the Company is obliged to make every effort to rectify this situation in the future.
The company says that in the event the justified claims of all market participants, as well as law enforcement agencies, misuse of the possibility of transferring caller ID (CallerID), the Company has the right to immediately suspend the provision of services without compensation for any Clients cost and without the return generated by the Client prepaid and collect from customers all the possible losses incurred by the Company relating to this incident, including lost profits and compensation for moral damages and damage to business reputation of the Company.

All requests must be made to the Company in writing (by mail or email) in accordance with the technical form of contacts received by the Client from the Company after registration. Technical form contains all the information about the Company, as well as all information received from the Client in the registration process and have informational character. A call to the company can not be the basis for the present conditions.

In spite of the ongoing efforts of the Company to ensure the quality and continuity of the services provided by the Company, the Company draws your attention to the fact that these services are provided through the public Internet network, and does not guarantee the quality and continuity of service provision, and assumes no liability, including for moral or other harm, as well as for possible lost profits, the Client caused by disruptions in the provision of services.

Any dispute between the Client and the Company shall be settled through negotiations.

bilateral agreement concluded between the Company and the Customer has the pre-emptive right over these rules. In the case of the conclusion of bilateral agreements, the provisions of these Regulations shall lose its force from the date of signing the Agreement. The agreement is in accordance with the laws of the registration of the Company, ie, in accordance with the laws of England.